• "The House of Dancing Water" courtesy City of Dreams

  • Power flying system at The Backstage Centre (UK)

  • Floor lifts and controls for Edinburgh International Conference Centre

  • Grid at the Everyman (Liverpool, UK)

  • Milton Court, London: Flying and Stage Machinery System

  • Delstar Engineering fabricated a 31 tonne steel frame for ANNE


  • 2011 Pan American Games: performer flying

  • Our BigTow winches and controls on Taylor Swift's "Speak Now" Tour

  • Stage Technologies flies Pink @ iHeart Music Festival - Kevin Mazur/WireImage

  • A 75-axis automation system for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

  • The Book of Mormon (London): 10-axis rental system

  • Gypsy at Chicester and the Savoy

  • Bend It Like Beckham at the Pheonix Theatre

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