Stage Technologies puts Pink in the sky in The Truth About Love

P!nk kicked off her latest tour, The Truth About Love, at the US Airways Arena in Phoenix AZ and the critics are raving. Stage Technologies supplied all the overhead automation on the show, including variable speed chain motors; LED Bugs which traverse two of the above screens; interface to video content for content and screen tracking; a BigTow2-300 winch, which lifts the ornate acrobatic apparatus and bungees; a 60ft custom curved truss with track and trolley which is visible in the "Glitter in the Air" number; four BigTow2-290 winches to run the 4 way bridle, which flies P!nk around the audience; AU:tour control cabinets and desks running eChameleon software.

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BigTow winches

eChameleon software


Watch the highlights at the Live Nation YouTube channel.

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