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Tracks and Trolleys

Trolley systems have complex design and integration requirements, with a host of issues that demand meticulous attention to detail from an experienced manufacturer. Stage Technologies is the market leader in the design and manufacture of multi-winch, track-and-trolley systems using onboard intelligence. We have been producing intelligent, self-driven trolley systems for a number of years resulting in a tried-and-tested design scheme that is customisable and easily scaled to any size.

The core elements of the design now comprise standard components that have been proven extensively in the field. The use of a range of standard components within the trolley enables us to ensure a robust and reliable design without the need for extensive, and expensive, research and testing.

Designs range from a trolley providing traverse/raise/lower at the control of an aerial performer, to heavy capacity trolleys that can carry up to four winches and perform multiple, consecutive rotations. We have also recently added touring track-and-trolley systems to our repertoire, developing a truss that is suitable for assembly within a single day.

Trolleys are driven directly using an onboard friction drive system, resulting in a nimble piece of machinery that can be very precisely controlled. Our trolleys are capable of running on curved track and even broken track sections, maintaining smooth and quiet operation throughout.

Our trolleys employ encoders on a par with those used in the BigTow family of winches, often with timing belts integrated into the track, meaning that positional accuracy is consistent with our award-winning winches and meets the same high standards of safety. The track is an important part of the system, utilising a busbar that contacts with ‘collectors’ onboard the trolley to transmit power and data to multiple trolleys, eliminating